Final illustration
Winter Fox
Here is another redraw of one of my older illustrations. This one people really liked, I guess because of perspective. It really interesting how simple one point perspective can deliver fun take on a scene.
Sketches and old illustration
I dug up first sketches for this piece. It seems that at first perspective was little different than in the final. I remember I tried lots of version before I went with the most simple one.
First sketch and old color version
In the end I really like this new version much more. It feels much more intentional and deliberate as before it was kinda blurry. To much softness and not enough clear edges for sure. As color goes - it stayed in the same range but I played with it and got some interesting results. I hope you dig new version as much as I do :)

Thank you for reading and watching, you can see more details below.
Cheers, Dragan

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